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    Why Vibration Occurs In The Operating Process Of Lime Grinding Mill?

    As a kind of pulverizing machine, vertical lime grinding mill is bound to have some noise and vibration, but the abnormal noise and vibration is the signal of problems inside the machine. Generally, the causes of excessive vibration of vertical lime grinding mill are generally caused by the following reasons.
    When the machine is in use or the hammer is turned around, the rotor loses balance. Adjust the weight of the rotor and each hammer, the weight difference between the two hammers should not exceed 20g
    The iron things, or larger diameter block material enters the lime grinding mill, resulting in rotor stuck, vibration phenomenon. Solution: immediately stop running, discharge abnormal, observe whether the rotor and spindle are damaged, if everything is normal, then continue production.
    The spindle is deformed and bent. The solution is to straighten or replace the spindle.
    Bearing damage, bearing damage resulting in excessive clearance. The solution is to replace the bearing directly.
    If the corner bolt is not fixed well or the bolt is loose, the solution is to tighten the corner bolt.
    The operability of the calcium oxide is very important. It should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual. In case of failure, it should be repaired immediately. It is not allowed to force the quick lime grinding mill with failure to work, so as to avoid greater losses.