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    What Is The Application Of Light Calcium Carbonate?

    Light calcium carbonate is an inorganic chemical raw material. Many people may find it strange. In fact, it is not far away from our life. It can be used as filler and reinforcing agent in the processing process of rubber, plastic, food, fine feed, whitening toothpaste, etc., so that our life and production are more convenient and comfortable. What is the specific application of it? Here light calcium carbonate manufacturers will give a detailed introduction.

    Lightcaliumcarbonate (PCC) is also called precipitatedcalciumcarbonate. The settling volume (2.4-2.8ml/g) of light calcium carbonate is larger than that of heavy calcium carbonate produced by mechanical method, so it is called light calcium carbonate. It is white powder or colorless crystal, no gas and tasteless, and it is decomposed into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide at 82.5 ℃.
    1. It can reduce the usage of vulcanized rubber, control the cost and have the effect of reinforcement and semi reinforcement. It can reduce the amount of organic chemical raw materials, improve the temperature resistance and improve the astigmatism of plastics.
    2. It has a skeleton diagram effect in plastic products, which has great effect on the specification reliability of plastic products, and can improve the strength and surface gloss and smoothness of the crafts. The temperature resistance of calcium phosphate was improved in plastic products, and the fineness of calcium phosphate was about 90%, which could replace the expensive milk white color paste with whitening effect.
    3. Light calcium carbonate is the first mineral filler in the construction coating industry, which is suitable for automobile coating, electrostatic powder and natural latex construction coating for engineering construction. It can adjust the gloss, brightness, acid resistance, improve rheological property of the building coating, and can greatly reduce the cost. The amount of water-based paint can reach 20-60%.
    4. In the paper industry, it can improve the fineness and light avoidance of paper packaging products, and have high expansion, which can promote textile factories to reduce the amount of wood pulp and reduce the cost greatly.
    5. In whitening toothpaste, when friction agent, not only can eliminate plaque, chemical sediment, polishing the incisor without damage to the enamel, and it can emit fragrance and paste-like diffusion. It is alkaline, and can neutralize the acid-base metabolism substances such as sodium citrate to reduce the pH value of dental department. It is used as neutralizer, filter aid, buffer, dissolving agent and filling material and calcium source supplement in the secret prescription of the drug. It is used as loose powder, fermentor and nutritional supplement in grain processing.

    The wide use of light calcium carbonate is closely related to our lives. Industrial production and process can not be separated from it. It will also help and promote our life in a far-reaching place. The equipment and industry development of processing light calcium carbonate are also in short supply. The whole set of equipment with higher capacity and high efficiency is invested to meet the increasing production development and market demand.