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    Excellent Characteristics Of Single Drum Rotary Dryer

        The single cylinder rotary dryer is reformed on the basis of rotary dryer. The multi layout combined lifting plate is selected to make the material curtain uniform in the dryer, and then heat exchange with high temperature flue gas, so that the drying effect is uniform. Moreover, its drying ability is much higher than some old dryers. Of course, in addition, single drum rotary dryer has many other excellent characteristics.
    1. The surface of single drum rotary dryer can greatly reduce the heat loss in the drying process through the disposal of high-strength external thermal insulation material.
    2. The inner part of the single drum rotary dryer is treated by siliconizing, which greatly reduces the corrosion inside the dryer.
    3. Vortex equipment is selected in the fuselage to increase the drying time of materials in the dryer and improve the thermal efficiency.
    4. LX type multi combined lifting plate is used in the single drum rotary dryer to make the material enter the drying drum into rain like material curtain, increase the contact surface between material and hot air, and avoid the occurrence of hot air flooding.
    5. The single drum rotary dryer adopts the leading internal swirl injection type pulverized coal incinerator, which makes the raw coal fully incinerate and saves the cost of coal combustion to a certain extent.
    6. The whole system is controlled automatically by microcomputer, and digital display is also carried out, which makes the control of the whole drying system more intelligent.
    7. Low selection, high output, the total rate of return on investment is relatively high.
        The single drum rotary dryer is mainly used in the drying of slag, coal powder and slime of building materials or metallurgical profession. It adopts the leading lifting plate equipment, and has many functions such as lifting material and equalizing flow.