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    How to Deal with Material Overheating of The Rotary Slag Dryer

    The main reason is that the operation is not skillful and the control is not in place. It is a common problem for slag dryer to overheat drying materials, especially for heat sensitive materials. If the quality of drying material changes, it will affect the quality of production, it is necessary to deal with it quickly.

    1. When the gas velocity of the drying chamber is too low, the outside droplets are mainly dried. Because the initial velocity of the fog group is much higher than the gas velocity, the dry powder will enter into the high temperature area after the onset of swirling flow, and some commodities will undergo metamorphosis after experiencing the high temperature.
    Treatment: increase the gas velocity properly. Usually, some of them are equipped with a mirror in the reverse direction. If there is no upper swirl, the gas velocity is normal. Many operation examples recommend that the speed is about 0.5m/s.

    2. When the temperature of the tail gas is too high, many slag drying products are stored with the tail gas, and finally they can be separated. Therefore, the temperature of the tail gas directly affects the temperature of the commodity. There is a relative temperature difference between the two. Generally, the temperature of the tail gas is about 10 ~ 30 ℃ higher than that of the commodity. If the exhaust gas temperature is high, the commodity temperature must be high. If the exhaust gas temperature exceeds the heat resistance temperature of the commodity, the commodity will overheat and degenerate.
    Treatment method: control the outlet temperature of the exhaust gas of the drying equipment. The control method is to reduce the inlet temperature of the hot air or add the amount of spray liquid, so as to establish a heat balance relationship satisfying the outlet temperature of the exhaust gas, so as to ensure the temperature demand of the commodity.

    3. Before the operation of slag dryer, the operators should carefully understand all parts of the equipment, understand the operation and protection, and carefully read the operating procedures of slag dryer, so as to prevent such doubts.
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