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    High Speed Dispersing Machine

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    Brief introduction of High speed dispersing machine:
    Dispersing machine is a kind of blender in broad sense. High speed agitator (such as disk saw tooth agitator) can form strong turbulence locally, which usually has strong dispersion and emulsification effect on materials. Therefore, this kind of high-speed mixer is also called dispersing machine. Dispersing machine is mainly divided into lifting dispersing machine and kettle dispersing machine. Lifting dispersing machine can be divided into hydraulic lifting dispersing machine, pneumatic lifting dispersing machine, hand lifting dispersing machine, etc.
    Working principle of High speed dispersing machine:
    The strong centrifugal force throws the material into the narrow and precise gap between the stator and rotor from the radial direction. At the same time, the material is initially dispersed under the combined forces of centrifugal extrusion, liquid layer friction, hydraulic impact and so on.
    2. The high-speed rotating rotor of the disperser produces a linear velocity of at least 15m / s, and the materials are fully dispersed and broken under the action of strong hydraulic shear, liquid layer friction, tearing and collision, and at the same time, they are ejected through the stator slot at high speed.
    The material of 3 disperser is continuously ejected from the radial direction at high speed. Under the resistance of the material itself and the container wall, the flow direction changes. At the same time, under the action of the upper and lower axial suction generated by the rotor area, two strong overturning turbulence flows are formed. After several cycles, the dispersion process is finally completed.
    Pipe parameters of High speed dispersing machine:
    1. Select the valve port and model according to the requirements of medium flow direction and pipeline connection mode. For example, for switching from one pipe to two pipes, Ca5 and Z3F should be selected for small diameter, and zdf-z1 / 2 should be selected for medium or large diameter. Another example is to control the confluence of two pipelines, please select zdf-z2 / 1, etc.
    2. The nominal diameter is selected according to the flow rate and valve Kv value, or the same as the pipe inner diameter. Please note that some manufacturers do not mark Kv value, often valve hole size is less than the interface diameter, must not be greedy for low price and wrong.
    3. If the minimum working pressure difference is above 0.04MPa, indirect pilot type can be selected; if the minimum working pressure difference is close to or less than zero, direct acting type or step-by-step direct type must be selected.

    Technical specification of High speed dispersing machine:
    Model Power (KW) Rotating speed rpm Stroke mm Capacity L Dispersing pan diameter mm Hydraulic station power KW
    GFS-2.2 2.2 0-1440 600 50~150 150 0.75
    GFS-4 4 0-1440 600 50~200 200 0.75
    GFS-5.5 5.5 0-1440 800 80~250 200 0.75
    GFS-7.5 7.5 0-1440 800 100~300 250 0.75
    GFS-11 11 0-1440 800 100~400 250 0.75
    GFS-15 15 0-1440 800 150~500 300 0.75
    GFS-18.5 18.5 0-1440 1100 200~800 300 1.1
    GFS-22 22 0-1440 1100 200~1000 300 1.1
    GFS-30 30 0-1440 1100 300~1500 350 1.1
    GFS-37 37 0-1440 1100 400~2000 400 1.5
    GFS-45 45 0-1440 1300 500~2500 450 1.5
    GFS-55 55 0-1440 1300 600~3000 450 1.5
    GFS-75 75 0-960   800~4000 500 2.2
    GFS-90 90 0-960   1000~5000 550 2.2
    GFS-110 110 0-960   1000~6000 550 2.2
    GFS-132 132 0-960   1500~8000 600 2.2
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