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    Weightless Double Shaft Mixer

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    1. Characteristics of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Double shaft paddle mixer is an ideal mixing machine with low-speed, high-efficient and energy-saving characteristics. 3~8min/batch can reach uniform mixing (common material). Stable discharging, no material leaking, large adjustment range of load quantity, 60%-70% load can reach ideal mixing effect.

    2. Working principle of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Double-shaft paddle mixer is consists of two rotors with reverse rotation directions, welding many paddles in the rotor with different special angles. Paddles make the materials counterclockwise rotating along slot inner wall, and make materials stirring left and right. The overlapped area of two rotors makes a zero-gravity area, no matter what size, shape and bulk density materials are, they are even mixed in the mixer.

    3.  Main advantages of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    (1) The whole mixing process is mild, make sure no material breaks.

    (2) Even mixing and large adjustable loading range.

    (3) Large discharging door make the discharging speed quick, and no remains.

    (4) Structure compaction, pleasing appearance, stable property, low noise, no environment pollution.

    (5) Air seal main shaft, reduces the friction between main shaft and material, and increase operating life.

    4. Application range of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Widely used in the fields of chemical, construction, medicine, pigment, resin, glass silica, fertilize, food, feed and other powdery or granular materials.

    5. Operation requirements of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    (1) Rated working pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa. Air supply keeps the working pressure of cylinder higher than 0.6Mpa.

    (2) Air seal main shaft, work pressure: 0.1-0.2Mpa.

    (3) Turn on mixer and then feeding, after discharging then turn off.

    (4) Metal or impurity with size over 3mm is forbidden to mixer.

    (5) Feed additives after half main materials are fed inside the mixer, spray oil after all main materials within the mixer, discharge all materials after even mixing.

    (6) Common mixing time is 3-8min/batch, special material mixing time can be set by customers.

    (7) The fineness of mixed material is 20-400 meshs

    (8) Carbon steel mixer forbidden mixing corrosive materials.

    6. Technical parameters of Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Mode Capacity (m3/batch) Loading Factors Motor Power (kw) External Dimension (mm) Equipment Weight (kg)
    DSPM-0.1 0.1 0.4~0.7 3 825×986×806 360
    DSPM-0.3 0.3 0.4~0.7 4 1254×1085×875 450
    DSPM-0.5 0.5 0.4~0.7 7.5 1635×1465×1125 760
    DSPM-1.0 1 0.4~0.7 11 1800×1880×1345 1200
    DSPM-2.0 2 0.4~0.7 15-18.5 1978×2150×1705 2300
    DSPM-3.0 3 0.4~0.7 18.5-22 2315×2426×1858 3200
    DSPM-4.0 4 0.4~0.7 22-30 2628×2965×2100 4300
    DSPM-6.0 6 0.4~0.7 30-37 3020×3065×2250 6100
    DSPM-8.0 8 0.4~0.7 37-45 3312×3562×2400 7000
    DSPM-10 10 0.4~0.7 45-55 3400×3735×2550 8000
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