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    Organic Fertilizer Making Equipment

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    Brief Introduction of Organic Fertilizer Making Equipment
    The Organic fertilizer making equipment is a kind of machinery to use animal dung likechicken, pig manure as the main raw material, and add a certain amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, magnesium sulfate, ferrous sulfate and other substances, with rice bran, yeast, soybean meal and saccharide as biological bacterium fermentation time, under the action of sulfuric acid, mixed fermentation with biological fertilizer equipment.
    Configurations of Organic Fertilizer Production Line :
    Three configurations of Organic Fertilizer Production Line:
    High configuration: chicken manure dryer, fermentation heap machine, pulverizer, of half wet material is horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooling machine, roller screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.
    Middle configuration: half wet materials grinder, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooling machine, drum screening machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.
    Low configuration: half wet materials grinder, horizontal mixer, granulator/drum screening machine, packaging equipment.
    Main Machinery of Organic Fertilizer Production Line:
    1. Fermentation turning machine:
    Our fermentation turning machine is suitable for livestock and poultry dung, sludge waste, sugar mill filter mud, bad slag cake and straw sawdust heap fermentation of organic wastes, are widely used in organic fertilizer factory, fertilizer plant, the sludge landfill, king and agaricus bisporus planting field fermentation rotten and remove moisture. Suitable for aerobic fermentation, with solar fermentation, fermentation tank and transitional machine systems. And form a complete set of fermentation tank can be continuous discharge can also be used in bulk discharging. High efficiency, stable operation, strong and durable, turn evenly.

    2. LP series chain crusher:
    LP series chain crusher apply to fertilizer production in the block of broken, but also widely used in chemical industry, building materials, mining and other industries, the LP series chain crusher used in the process of crushing the synchronous speed high-intensity wear-resistant cemented carbide chain plate, out of rational design, materials uniform broken, not easy to stick wall, easy to clean.
    3.Multifunctional organic fertilizer (biological) spherical pellet machine:
    The machine is on the basis of KP - 350 particle crushing machine, configuration used to cast round, cylindrical granular made a rolling ball, high rate of return, into a ball, the intensity is good, beautiful, is the ideal equipment in today's organic fertilizer made spherical particles.

    4.Drum screen
    Drum screening machine is commonly used in the production of compound fertilizer equipment, mainly for the separation of the finished product and return product, also can realize the finished product classification, make the finished product evenly classification. Using combined sieve net, easy to repair and replacement, this machine has simple structure, convenient operation, stable running.

    5. Cage type pulverizer:
    Cage type pulverizer is medium horizontal cage bar mill. It can crush water content below 6% all kinds of single chemical fertilizer, especially suitable for large hardness of materials. It is simple and compact structure, cover an area of an area small, easy maintenance, crushing effect is good, smooth operation, easy to clean, is a ammonium, diammonium, the bane of urea and other hard materials.

    6.Double roll granulating machine:
    For roller extrusion granulator, no drying room temperature process, a production molding, 1-1.5 tons/hour, 1.5 3 tons/hour two specifications. Complete sets of equipment layout is compact, scientific and reasonable, advanced technology. Saving energy and reducing consumption, and no "three wastes" discharge, stable operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance. Raw material wide adaptability, suitable for compound fertilizer material, medicine, chemical industry, fodder etc all kinds of raw material, granulation, the product into grain rate is high. Can produce all kinds of concentration, a variety of types including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The equipment is less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit. Can produce all kinds of concentration, a variety of types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetic fertilizers, etc.) compound fertilizer. Especially rare earths, potash, producyion series compound fertilizer granulation, filled the domestic blank, in the domestic leading level.

    7. Half wet material crusher:
    This equipment can proccess  biological fermentation organic fertilizer material moisture value at 25% ~ 50%.
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