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    Jaw Crusher

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    Jaw Crusher

    General introduction of Jaw Crusher:
    Jaw crusher, also called stone crusher, or rock crusher, is suitable for crushing of various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with side length less than 500mm and compressive strength less than 350 MPa. It is widely used in hydropower, expressway, artificial aggregate, crushing and other industries.
    Jaw crusher is an ideal processing equipment for high-grade road surface and aggregate for hydropower construction. Because of its excellent performance, jaw crusher is widely applied in highway construction, water conservancy engineering and building rubble processing.
    The Jaw crusher produced by our company is a successful experience of the same kind of products both at home and abroad, and a highly efficient and energy-saving crushing equipment has been studied. It is mainly used for the medium size crushing of all kinds of ore and large pieces of material. It can break materials with compressive strength not more than 320Mpa, which is divided into coarse breaking and fine breaking.
    This series of products have complete specifications and the granularity of the feed is 125mm to 750mm; it is the first choice equipment for primary breakage. Jaw crusher is widely used in many industries, such as mine, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.
     jaw crusher structure.jpg
    Features of Jaw Crusher:
    1, low working noise, less dust;
    2, large crushing ratio is large, a uniform grain size of product.
    3, simple structure, reliable operation, and low operating cost.
    4, the lubricating system is safe and reliable, the parts are replaced easily, and the maintenance of the equipment is simple.
    5, the crushing cavity is deep and no dead zone, and the feeding capacity and production are improved.
    6, it saves energy: the single machine energy saving 15-30%, the system energy saving more than twice.
    7, the adjustment range of the discharge mouth is large, which can meet the requirements of different users.
    Main Types of Jaw Crusher:
    In the mining industry, jaw crusher is one of the most widely used rock crushers. According to the crushing stage of this crusher, it can be divided into primary jaw crusher and secondary jaw crusher; according to the number of the toggles, it can be divided into single toggle jaw crusher and multiple toggle jaw crusher. Since jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing stones and rock materials, it is also called stone jaw crusher.
    Working Principle of Jaw Crusher
    The crushing style of jaw crusher is the type of driving extrusion. The motor drives the belt and belt pulley to make the moveable jaw move through the eccentric shaft. When movable jaw is rising, the included angle between the wrist plate and movable jaw becomes bigger to drive the movable plate to be close to the movable plate. At the same time the material is squeezed and rubbed, rolled to achieve multiple crushing.
    When movable jaw is descending, the included angle between the wrist plate and movable jaw becomes smaller. Now the crushed material is discharged from the crushing cavity, with the continuous rotation of the motor, the movable jaw crushing and discharging the material periodically to realize batch production.
    Technical Speicification of Jaw Crusher:
      Max. Feeding 
    Adjustment scopes 
    Shaft rotating speed (r/min)  Power 
    Overall Dimensions
    PEF150×250  125  10-40  1-3  285  7.5  922×745×933  700 
    PEF200×300  165  20-70  2-8  265  11  1056×1100×1120  800 
    PEF250×400  210  20-80  5-20  310  18.5  1108×1142×1392  3000 
    PEF400×600  340  40-90  10-40  275  30  1700×1732×1392  7200 
    PEF350×750  290  30-55  20-50  300  37  1900×1806×1808  8900 
    PEF500×750  425  50-100  34-68  275  55  2050×1860×2145  11320 
    PEF600×900  480  75-200  40-120  255  75  2792×2168×2250  17600 
    PEF750×1060  630  80-200  80-160  250  90  4180×2560×3070  30530 
    PEF900×1200  750  100-200  110-200  250  110  5200×2900×3500  50000 
    PEF1200×1500  1020  150-300  220-400  180  160  4200×3300×3500  106000 
    PEX150×750  125  10-40  5-15  300  15  1220×1480×1180  3600 
    PEX250×1000  210  15-55  10-32  300  37  1580×1992×1380  7350 
    PEX250×1200  210  15-60  12-38  300  37  1530×2192×1380  8700 
    PEX300×1300  250  20-90  16-65  300  55  1930×2400×1747  11600 
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