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    Membrane Filter Press

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    Introduction of membrane filter press:
    The membrane filter press has the advantages of high pressure, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, widely used in metallurgy, coking, gas, papermaking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical industry, etc.
    The membrane filter press shows remarkable effect in processing capacity per unit area, reducing the water content of filter cake, and adaptability to the properties of treated materials. It has been widely used in various fields of solid-liquid separation. Nowadays, the membrane filter press has been considered as an alternative upgrading equipment for the ordinary van filter press.
    Working principle of membrane filter press:
    The biggest advantage of the membrane filter press is its secondary drying & pressing of the filter cake. The special design of the filtration chamber makes it automatically close the inlet valve, after the filter chamber is filled with filter cake, and fill gas or liquid into the filter chamber, making the filter cloth expansion deformation, so as to achieve secondary pressing of filter cake, further reducing the water.
    Filling more gas, the moisture in the cake will be reduced more. The high pressure air passes through the filter cake and leaves the capillary water, the structure water and other moisture in the cake. This is blow drying.
    Features of membrane filter press:
    1 The membrane filter press adopts filter plate expansion design. When gas is injected into the filter plate to cause expansion and deformation, the filter cake in the middle of the filter plate is extruded so as to reduce the moisture of the cake.
    2, the membrane filter press adopts gas reverse blowing technology. When the filter press stops feeding, a high pressure gas is passed into the filter cake to further dry the filtered slag, thereby reducing capillary water, structural water, etc. in the slag. (The combined effect of the preceding two advantages can reduce the moisture content of the filter press cake to around 9%)
    3 the filter plate adopts slope design. The material inlet is designed to be on the top of the membrane filter press, then through the inclined filter plate, so that the filtrate material and the membrane are fully contacted, to get it pressed maximally, with filtering speed and working efficiency increased a lot.
    4, the structure of the filter plate. Each piece of filter plate is made of a composite plate and a polypropylene filter plate, and the composite plate is composed of two pieces of filter frame, the equivalent of two pieces of cloth and filter, not only convenient replacement of the filter cloth, but also makes the efficiency increase exponentially.
    5, the filter plate material. The membrane filter press filter plate generally adopts glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, membrane using natural rubber, such equipment is stable in operation, cracking test to 100 thousand times.
    6, automation. The membrane filter press equipment adopts the design of automatic washing filter cloth, saves water and saves time. The automatic discharge design is adopted and can be controlled by one person.
    Technical specification of membrane filter press:
    membrane filter press specification.jpg


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