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    Airflow Dryer

    Applicationl: sawdust and other powder type materials
    Capacity: 200-1000kg/hour
    Motor: 4-7.5
    Drying Temperature: 180-260C degrees
    E-Mail : sales@hndingli.com
    Service hotline : 0086-371-56665326
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    Introduction of airflow dryer:

    The airflow dryer has the characteristics of high drying strength, short drying time, less energy consumption, simple operation and good product quality. The starch, which is dried by this airflow dryer, has the advantages of clean appearance, luster, high fineness, stable water content and little impurity pollution. The airflow dryer is suitable for drying powder, flake and heat sensitive materials in starch, rice, food, medicine and chemical industries. Using this device, we can achieve the best economic benefits with the smallest investment, the lowest energy consumption, the least manpower and the fastest speed.


    Characteristics of airflow dryers:

    1, the dry intensity of the air dryer is large: the air dryer is well dispersed in the gas phase because of the high speed of air flow, and the whole surface of the material can be used as the effective area of drying. Therefore, the limited area of drying is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and agitation during drying, the gasification surface is constantly updated, so the drying heat transfer process is intense.

    2, the drying time of the air dryer is short: the contact time between the material and the air is very short, the drying time is generally in 0.5~5 seconds, and the heat sensitive or low melting point material will not cause overheating or decomposition and influence its quality.

    3, the heat efficiency of the air dryer is high: the air drying adopts the material and gas and the flow operation, from the beginning to the final material temperature and the air temperature can reach the reasonable state, the drying time is short, thus the higher drying temperature can be used.

    4, the airflow dryer has wide application scope, high yield and large precipitation range. It has simple structure, small land area and low investment and maintenance cost.

    5, the source of hot air for the airflow dryer is fuel oil stove, gas stove, coal burning hot stove and steam heat exchanger.


    The technical parameters of airflow dryers:

    Model QLG-1 QLG-2 QLG-3 QLG-4
    Pipe diameter (mm) 219 273 325 450
    Motor power (kw) 4 4 5.5 7.5
    Capacity (kg/h) 200-300 400-500 600-700 800-1000
    Hot air temperature (C degrees) 180-260 180-260 180-260 180-260
    Input material size (mm) 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-5
    Drying chamber (pcs) 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3
    Weight (ton) 1.2 1.8 2.5 3.5
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